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Working with you to achieve balance - physically, mentally and emotionally - enabling you to live your life to its full potential and reclaim ownership of your health.

My Role in Your Health

I am very fortunate to walk side by side individuals, couples and families in their quest for good health and share in some of life’s most important events. As a practitioner & educator of holistic healthcare, fertility and childbirth preparation I use a variety of modalities,including but not limited to -naturopathy, herbal medicine, nutraceuticals, bush essences & homoeopathy, while also tending to ones emotional wellbeing through hypnosis, relaxation techniques as well as hypnobirthing & childbirth education. 

My other soul nourishing life roles include

That of mother, partner, and marriage celebrant - so I truly understand the demands, joys & juggles of day to day living!


Our creative force is where our sovereignty reigns and as such we need to protect our creative wellbeing if we’re to live the life we wish to live. Whether you are looking to create good health; create new life (as in conception); change or let go habits that no longer serve; make space for creativity; art, music or simply just being; nurturing connections – all of this is an entirely internal process. So our healing focus is completely on US!


Taking the step, the very first step ignites our own inherent wisdom, to rediscover lost or buried passion, to waken the wild inner self, arouse and activate our internal fire – both digestive & creative. We continue to ignite the creative through nourishment; soul nourishing tasks, taking time to replenish, time for connections both with self and others, feeding the spirit, writing and acknowledging our soul story, taking care not only of the physical body, but also the emotional self and our mental health.


We support this nourishment by continuing to live in truth – speaking it, knowing it, feeling safe within, embracing when both brave and solid as well as perhaps when vulnerable and unravelled.


Living in truth requires mindful living, present and accepting of one’s many aspects, honouring and respecting the self & others. When living in truth barriers are lowered or no longer exist and our clarity and understanding is clear, intuition is heightened and confusion is absent from our communication. Our responses are more compassionate & empathetic. Fear is no longer making all decisions and love is in flow

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