Natural fertility approach is a popular alternative or adjunct to IVF and will assist you before, during and after pregnancy...

My great joy is to assist couples with preconception & conception care and birth preparation using herbs, nutriceuticals, bush essences, homoeopathics, lunar biorhythmic cycle calculations, hypnosis & hypnobirthing childbirth education classes.

Parents of course want the best possible start for their child and iit truly is a child’s natural birth right, steps taken now ensure good health not only during pregnancy but also during the formative years when a toddler is building a healthy immune system – & beyond. 

Nutritional & lifestyle choices can profoundly affect fertility as well as the health of baby. Preconception care addresses nutrition, and provides an adequate supply of all requirements and an absence of things shown to be harmful.

While research currently shows that one in seven couples endure fertility problems, experts predict that infertility rates will more than double in the next 10 years to one in three. Using integrative natural medical treatments can assist in addressing fertility concerns and support positive fertility results within a relatively short time frame . 

What is a Lunar Biorhythmic Cycle?
The menstrual cycle is in tune with the natural rhythms of the moon at the time of your birth. Each individual is born under a particular moon or lunar phase. Ideally your menstrual cycle is in synch with this phase and it can trigger your body to spontaneously ovulate.  This can occur even if this time is outside your normal mid cycle fertile time.  Lunar fertility cycle calculations detail the exact days of heightened fertility each month. This information has been used for centuries in relation to fertility, however it has been extensively researched since the 1950’s.

By working with the lunar cycle, and your time of ovulation, you will increase the reliability of contraception. Additional treatment involves removing any emotional blocks using flower essences & used in conjunction with a detailed Lunar Biorhythmic Cycle chart can pinpoint the exact days of heightened fertility. It is then possible to create the perfect environment for conception & ensure that your pregnancy is a wonderful, healthy & joyous time.